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American Curl Cats

the Peter Pan of Felines

The American Curl may very well be on the Top 10 list of favorite breeds before we know it. Their adorable ears and fantastic personality make them simply irresistible!

American Curl HistoryThe first American Curl begged a meal and stole the heart of a California couple, and so began the search to recreate the traits of this wonderful kitty. Feline fanciers and geneticists searched genes for a possible defect that creates those lovely little curled ears, but what they found after studying 81 litters of kittens was an incredibly healthy breed of cat.

American Curl Characteristics

Of course, the first thing you’ll notice about the American Curl is her ears. All ears are not the same, some curling more than others with show cats having an almost rosebud appearance. It can take up to 16 weeks for the ears to take on their permanent look. Curls are born with straight ears, which began to curl at around three days old. The ears also have little tufts of hair extending from them which help create a great expression along with their big, round eyes. Curls are medium-sized cats that come in both with both long and short hair varieties. The tail on the long hair variety should be a full, gorgeous plume. Their hair is silky and lies flat, and since they have little to no undercoat, Curls hardly shed and are extremely easy to maintain. Curls come in all types of colors and patterns, but they all have an elegant appearance. Second, only to their curled ears is their sweet expression.

American Curl Temperament

Even if the American Curl were the most homely breed of kitten you ever saw, they’d still be a favorite. They are extremely people-oriented and affectionate. They truly love everyone and are quite adaptable. They are wonderful with children and other pets. Curls retain their kitten personalities through adulthood, making them even more endearing. Curls are typically quiet kitties with trill-like voices, but they only use it when they want to share something special with you. They are well known for “head bumping” with you to get your attention and show affection. Curls are curious and smart, and they like to know what you’re doing and love to help.

The CFA says the difference between an American Curl and a Scottish fold is that “a Scottish Fold will sit on the couch and wait while you make dinner - the American Curl will help you make it!”

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