GC,  Distinguished of Merit Procurlharem Delancy Curl of Precious Curls 


                   Delancy has Produced 6 Grand Champion Cats and has crossed over the rainbow as of April 2017
Delancy is a Grand  Champion,  and now  has earned the title of  Grand of Distinction she is also a Breed Winner and has produced 6 Grand Champion kittens from her three different males.
Delancy has now produced 6 Grand Champions, Precious Curl Calvin Curl, Calvin is also a regional winner.. Also PreciousCurl StellaMcurlty and Precious Curl Lexi Poof Poof, Precious Curl Spirit of America. Precious Curl Spirit, is the best American Curl Premier, and a Regional Winner for the 2012 / 2013 2013/2014 show season and has now earned his Grand of Distinction.,  Precious Curl Ellie Curl is now a Grand Champion, Second Best of Breed in CFA and TICA as well as in Regional standings in CFA and TICA.  Precious Curl Purr-Fect Lacey ( in China) Precious Curl Dorey is TICA Supreme Grand
She has had kittens by Terregale Groucho (he is a bi-color brown tabby and white) and this litter was born in March 2011, she had 1 female and 4 male kittens.     Two of the 4 males are show quality and are also being shown.  Justice, is now in New York and is being shown. Bryce is  in a wonderful home in CA,  Ash is in a loving home, .
Kittens with PreciousCurl Armani and has produced Grand Champions

Now her fourth litter with Precious Curl Expresso,  has two beautiful kittens that made their show debut on June 14, 2014,  Precious Curl Lacey is now in China.

  Precious Curl Ellie's, father is Expresso, she was Best American Curl Kitten.  2015.  Ellie has now Granded and is being shown is currently 2nd Best of Breed in CFA and TICA as well as Regional Standings for CFA and TICA.  Also Gran Supreme, TICA
Delancy was 6 th Best Curl in Championship with CFA
She was also 3rd best American Curl kitten with CFA
Delancy 5 
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