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We hope you will love our cats as much as we do. PRECIOUS CURLS is a small but quality-oriented cattery. Our cats are part of our family and are Wonderful Adorable Loving Companions. American Curls are cheerful, gentle, sweet, bright, whimsical.​

American Curl Cat Personality

The American Curl cat is very lively and joyous and loves to explore. If you’re interested in a cat that is sociable and good with kids, this might be a great choice for you. They are also capable of getting along with other cats and with cat-friendly dogs in the home. They love to play and are known for being slightly mischievous - opening cabinets and doors is one of their skills! Because they are such social creatures, they don’t like to be alone for long periods like many other cat breeds. This means it’s a good idea to consider your schedule as they can develop separation anxiety if everyone in the house is absent for long stints.

The goal is to produce healthy purebred cats, that are well socialized, are kind and give the love back that you give to them.

If you’re a cat lover and are thinking about inviting a new feline into your home, the American Curl cat might be a great option for you! We know that there are plenty of cat breeds out there to choose from and plenty of factors to consider when deciding on a new member of your household. Cats have different needs when it comes to their home environment and the kind of care they require so it’s important to choose one that will be a good fit for your house and lifestyle. 

For cat lovers who are interested in finding a fun, friendly and interactive cat for the home, the American Curl cat might be a fantastic choice! They are very adaptable to new spaces and can provide a lifetime of loyal love in the right household.

Precious Curls has cats for pets as well as show cats. We only have one or two quality litters a year. So early deposits are highly recommended if you would like a kitten and adult cats are occasionally available.

The pedigrees include Grand Champion lines cats have produced Grand Champion American Curls in two organizations, TICA and CFA. Each show season we have one special Curl that earns a coveted Regional Award and National Award.  

SEE "KITTENS" for the cats that are available,  Kittens on the way

At this time Precious Curls has produced 18 Grand Champion Cats and Nine Grand Premiers, one Distinguished of Merit, 1 Grand of Distinction and 10 regional winners, Two TICA Supreme Grand International breed winner. Four TICA Supreme Grand Cats

Procurlharem Delancy Curl of Precious Curls was awarded a difficult distinction. Being she has produced over 5 Grand Champions cats and has earned the title of Distinguished of Merit

Precious Curl Spirit has been awarded another difficult title, Grand of Distinction, he has been shown in at least 3 show seasons and in at least 30 rings each season. He readily achieved this task. Spirit (AKA Coco) also is a Quad Grand in TICA and regional winner



2023 Precious Curl Gracie / Best International American Curl,  Regional Winner

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding our loving cats,

I am taking  reservations for kittens

Gracie and Expresso had a female kitten 1/1/2024

UPCOMING SHOWS 2024  Arcadia

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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