GC Procurlharem Delancy Curl and GC,RW,BW Precious Curl Armani had three lynx point babies on May 8, 2010, two boys and one girl. One male is in New York and the female is in New Jersey and has also Granded.  Delancy produced two grand champions of the three in her first litter. The other male kitten has been incorporated in Caroline Scott's breeding program and now has a new home in New York area.
Calvin is a Grand Premier and he granded in only two shows, with extra points to spare.  The judges like him as he has perfect ears and is very close to the curl standard.
Calvin was shown shown in the 2011 / 2012 show season.
                                CONGRATULATIONS CALVIN
             Calvin was a Regional Winner in Region 5 and 3RD Best American Curl in Premiership in the world with three months of showing in the 2010 / 2011 show season.
Currently Calvin was 13th in CFA SouthWest Region region and was  Best American Long Hair Curl Premier INTERNATIONAL for this show season 2011/2012
Calvin has perfect ears and  is now a retired show cat 
IMG 6200
IMG 6049
Calvin is a Cream Lynx Point
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